Lennox Head New South Wales

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Lennox Head

The laid-back village of Lennox Head, a scenic 10 minute jaunt up the coast road, is a Mecca among surfers, with world-renowned breaks at Boulders and Lennox Point. The views from the headland are absolutely breathtaking and Pat Morton Lookout offers the perfect vantage point for a bit of whale and dolphin spotting… or, for the more adventurous, taking to the skies on a hang-glider.

Hidden between the white sands of Lennox's Seven Mile Beach and the wildlife-rich coastal heathland, Lake Ainsworth is a must. The fresh waters of the Lake are stained "billy-tea" dark by the tea trees that fringe its banks. Take the plunge into its deep red waters and you'll emerge feeling remarkably refreshed and revitalised. You can skim its shimmering surface on a sailboard, ‘cat' or canoe or just lie back under the tea trees and enjoy the Lake's natural serenity. Lake Ainsworth is the picture-perfect backdrop for Lennox's colourful monthly markets (second and fifth Sundays) and you can even camp on the foreshores.

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